Eva Kvist Östgren - Local lead in E-mobility at ABB in Västerås

Accelerating change

Since beginning her work at ABB E-mobility in Västerås, Eva Kvist Östgren has realized how incredibly meaningful it is to work with something beneficial to society. After graduating as Civil Engineer at Luleå University of Technology, she therefore moved back to her hometown in 1990 and started working at ABB.

There has been a huge mix of interesting projects at ABB throughout the years, where I have had the opportunity to work in a wide range of different areas. In my current role as local leader, that has indeed given me a great advantage.

Onwards, Eva consider technical development as crucial, since implementing new technology is an as concrete as effective way to enable sustainable change. However, introducing new solutions and improvements for the future infrastructure of electricity requires courage to take on challenges, and Eva’s team is currently enabling fossil free transportation, as a part of constructing Sweden’s new charging infrastructure.

Electricity has been taken for granted far too long, but finally we see a change. Suddenly, the shift is really happening. The need for electricity is growing vigorously worldwide, and this is where we can make real difference.

Mälardalen is a region where you find forceful competence when it comes to electricity, electrification and transport. What is more, it is also a region that offers a multitude of opportunities, both professionally and personally.

There is so much competence here, which I feel proud to be a part of. It is also very convenient to have Stockholm and other cities nearby, and at the same time having fantastic nature right around the corner. For me, spending a lot of time in nature with my German Shepard, this is essential.

Eva is not only passionate about business development, but also in keeping the Swedish forests, with all its lakes and rivers, unspoiled. Having a job where she can contribute to sustainable development for coming generations is just as exciting as rewarding. This is also the main reason why she, no matter to whom, strongly would recommend a career at ABB.

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