Elianne Lindmark - Simulation engineer & technical specialist at Volvo Construction Equipment in Eskilstuna

Seeking solutions

What will you do when faced with a problem? According to Elianne Lindmark, a problem can always be seen as a potential to build something even better. With this can-do attitude Elianne graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Luleå University of Technolog, before taking a PhD in fluid mechanics. Today, she works with electromobility as a simulation engineer and technical specialist at Volvo Construction Equipment in Eskilstuna.

Elianne has always been interested in mathematics and problem solving, and early in life she chose a path filled with calculus and algebra. During the interview for the job at Volvo, she was honest about her lack of experience with heavy vehicles. Honesty goes a long way and thanks to her drive she still got the job, which she was extremely happy about.

I quickly realized that the job was a perfect fit, as it combined work with physics and solving technical challenges to really make a difference in society.

As she learns new skills, Elianne holds the laws of physics close to her heart. According to her, anything to do with physics can be figured out, if you stick with it. Working with electrification means that you are constantly working with challenges. Elianne explains that it takes effort to develop from what you know to something completely new.

Working on the transition from non-electric to electric vehicles is a huge transformation in the way we work. There is so much we don’t know, which means you must calculate and simulate to make progress.

Being part of a global company means being part of teams with skilled colleagues who realize innovations through collaboration. If you are a person who likes to solve problems, Mälardalen is the place for you, Elianne says.

Mälardalen is a region full of opportunities and global companies, where you are constantly surrounded by skill and competence.

Still, when working on challenging tasks Elianne points out that you must remember to have fun too. Relaxing and laughing together can bring new ideas or solutions, which may well lead to the next innovation.

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