Erik Persson - Digital leader at Hitachi Energi

Finding true potential

Erik, a coffee-loving engineer, moved from Hälsingland to Västerås when he found out that Mälardalen University had a programme in aeronautical engineering. His passion for racing cars, fluid mechanics and aerodynamics brought him to Hitachi Energy where he, after graduating, started working as a digital leader. Fifteen years later, he still sees every day as an opportunity to try something new.

Hitachi sees true potential in every employee, which really motivates me to explore new things. When you're not stuck doing the same things every day, you'll be happier and more energetic.

Erik’s job is based on business development linked to different clients. He supports clients in various projects, no matter how big or small. He believes it is important being passionate about what you do. As an employee at Hitachi, you are surrounded by colleagues with the same drive, where together you help each other to bring about change.

When I was new to the job, I remember thinking that I could change the world on my own, but the truth is that – when the work involves finding solutions for a more sustainable world – you depend on the help of others.

According to Erik, Mälardalen is a region with great competence, and working here means working on the front line of tomorrow’s innovations in electrification and transport.

The feeling of being able to make a difference is something I carry with me every day. Even if you are not physically on the front line, you can still work for change in the long term.

Erik explains that the job never gets boring when you work with extremely skilled colleagues and new exciting challenges. Rather, this makes you pursue your passions so that you climb even higher. Erik is convinced that ideas are meant to be tested, and if you never try, you will never know where the idea will take you.

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