Daniel Ejnarsson - EMC Specialist at Alstom in Västerås

Pushing the limits

Who hasn’t wondered what they will do when they grow up? When Daniel Ejnarsson started studying the Energy Programme at Mälardalens University, he no doubt pondered several choices. He liked programming and further on also discovered an interest in robotics. Today he works as Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Specialist at Alstom in Västerås.

Daniel is passionate about trains, and above all being able to provide safe and sustainable transport to people all over the world.

Our work is needed to provide safe transport so people can travel and commute without disturbance. Being able to provide such a vital societal function feels really good, he says.

According to Daniel, Alstom is a great workplace where only the sky is the limit, and as an employee you get to test your skills and try new things daily. Daniel laughs when he says that he looks forward to coming to work every morning, something that may seem strange to many.

Working in this industry means you always feel challenged. When you work on something important, it makes you feel booth needed and appreciated.

For Daniel it is important to dare to dream and try new things. His journey at Alstom started with a summer job, which later turned into a full-time job, mainly because he was not afraid to step out of his comfort zone.

I was given a lot of responsibility very early on and believe this made a huge difference in developing my skills. When opportunities knock on your door, you should always be willing to take a chance.

Daniel thrives in the centre of the action, and Mälardalen is the perfect playing field for him. It is a region of rapid growth and international competitive companies, and whether he is programming, riding his motorbike or recording music in the studio, Daniel is never far from saying ‘yes’ whenever the next opportunity arises.

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