Johanna Dahlberg - Segment Manager for Renewables at Hitachi Energy in Västerås

Moving forward

A flexible job that offers challenges and chances to grow is something many people dream of. That is also exactly what Johanna Dahlberg has. Even though she lives in Malmö she still is able to work as Segment Manager for Renewables at Hitachi Energy in Västerås. For her, this is a luxury that gives her an enormous sense of freedom.

Johanna works with technical solutions that enable energy conversion in several areas. The tasks vary from day to day, which she sees as extremely important for happiness and personal development. Feeling happy and inspired makes it easier to deal with problems along the way. She sees herself and her colleagues as enablers in the transition to a fossil-free world, something she is passionate about.

Working with renewable energy makes you feel that you are contributing to a better society and climate, which is a fantastic feeling, she says.

The most exciting thing about the job is pushing forward when faced with difficult questions. Johanna often focuses on where to start, and not least how. How do we solve this? How do we move towards a more sustainable future? It is only when you pinpoint ‘how’ that the visions of the future can become real. This way of thinking has guided Johanna through all parts of life, and especially when she competes in sailing.

– We all know we need to move forward, but how do we do it? Every step towards a solution is equally important. That is the only way we find innovations and reach our goals.

Johanna believes that the employers of the future are in Mälardalen, and that they offer flexible solutions where you get more freedom. No matter how passionate you feel about the job, you must hit the pause button sometimes. When you find the balance between these two there is less stress, allowing you to focus more on the ‘how’ of your life.

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