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Regional scenario analysis of electrified logistics and production sites in energy positive or self-balancing cities - ELOGE
Project Leader: Eva Thorin, MDU

Energy districts from a system perspective - EDISP
Project Leader: Mattias Gustafsson, HiG 

Innovative approaches for energy efficiency improvement for positive or self-balanced districts - NEED
Project Leader: Amir Vadiée, MDU  

Digital Energy Services and Ecosystem Transformation - DeSET
Project Leader: Peter Ekman, MDU

Innovation Management for Resilient Energy Systems Orchestration of Ecosystems and Ecosystem Dynamics - IMRES
Project Leader: Peter E Johansson, MDU

Sector coupling in energy transitions as sociotechnical processes - SCOSSA
Project Leader: Silvia Bruzzone, MDU

High penetration of distributed energy resources/electric vehicles and grid support: medium and low voltage grid impact analysis using real time simulation - HiPeGrid
Project Leader: Janaína Gonçalves, UU

Integration of solar concentrating collectors in district heating systems in high latitude regions - SolDisHs
Project Leader: Gireesh Nair, UmU    

Interregional perspectives on infrastructure investment optimization for flight electrification and decarbonization – iFED
Project Leader: Jennifer Leijon, UU         

Enhanced reliability, monitoring and diagnostics of complex cooling systems through advanced thermal management - HeatTrack
Project Leader: Rebei Bel Fdhila, MDU

Sector-coupling of energy system and greenhouses for sustainable year-round food production - Energy4Greenhouse
Project Leader: Bahram Moshfegh, HiG

Smart production planning at city and regional level - ProPlan
Project Leader: Stavros Vouros, MDU