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Are you facing a digital transformation? DigMa is a collection page featuring current research which contributes to the development of knowledge about digitalisation and its organisational effects. Here both managers and employees in the private or public sectors can find information and read about insights on how digital technology affects organisations and the future of work and management.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming organizations

The relationship between artificial intelligence (AI) and organizational processes is a complex one. AI is powerful but it’s not a magic wand and cannot just be implemented.

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Welfare technology for everyone. Or?

I play with colours, shapes and materials in various sorts of crafts and love exploring things I see when I go on forest walks. I dance wildly on my sitting room floor, with the music turned up to max. I hope that the people that I meet when I grow old understand that I want to continue with all of these things. That they don’t only see my grey hair, my fragile body, and my tiredness; but that they understand that I am all the ages I have experienced.

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The public discourse of AI vs. the depicion in industry

It is striking how the public discourse radically differs from the depiction of AI in industry: here the rise of AI is mainly represented as an opportunity for optimisation, where humans, if properly informed and educated, will act as beneficiaries, enablers, and arbiters of the technology.

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