Digitized Management

The DIGMA project will contribute to producing knowledge on digitalisation and its organisational dynamics and effects; knowledge that is of great interest for managers and employees in public and private organisations facing or undergoing digital transformation. Read about insights gained through research into different aspects of how digital technology impacts organizations and the future of work and management.

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What happens to people’s values when digital technology takes over our jobs?

Values such as holistic personal treatment, fairness and individual assessment are key to social workers. These values, just like values in general, are not abstractions but are consolidated and exist by being practiced. What happens to these values then if work is increasingly taken over by digital technology?

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Meetings – more than a tool for collaboration

Within the framework of DigMa, the research group has become increasingly interested and curious about the topic of work meetings. We are several researchers who through various projects have taken a closer look at meetings as a way of organising work and who are interested in meeting practices and particularly in digital technology in relation to work meetings.

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The dilemma between structure and flexibility in digitised office work

Digma researchers Anna Uhlin in Sweden and Irina Popova in the UK have conducted two studies on the digitisation of white collar work. The studies show how employees and managers describe the dilemma between being flexible and being structured in their daily use of digital tools.

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