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Are you facing a digital transformation? DigMa is a collection page featuring current research which contributes to the development of knowledge about digitalisation and its organisational effects. Here both managers and employees in the private or public sectors can find information and read about insights on how digital technology affects organisations and the future of work and management.

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Stories about AI become representations of humanity

In the popular science narrative about AI, technology is becoming increasingly human-like while the humaness is primarily simplified to a cognitive capacity.

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How will AI change the world?

Since the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, AI has become the talk of the town. Some are optimistic about the development, but a lot of people are worried. This text explains why the question put in the heading is wrong. Rather than asking how AI will change the word, we should ask: how do we want AI to change the world?

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Energy in digital and hybrid meetings – a challenge but also new opportunities

If you close your eyes and think of the last work meeting you have participated to, you most probably will be able to remember how you felt when the meeting ended. You may not recall exactly what you talked about or what was decided (or not), but your body would probably feel again what it felt. It could be everything in between “wow, now I feel energized!” or “this was a really draining two hours”.

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