Intellectual Output #3:

Innovative learning approach for chemistry in the secondary education-Circle lab educational toolkit

Eco Logic/April 28th/2023

Circle Lab is a translational project funded by Erasmus+ Program and it aims at supporting the professional development of Secondary Education teachers by integrating circular chemistry into the curriculum, through online training, a set of innovative tools and an educational game for students.

The third intellectual output of the project is Circle Lab educational Toolkit. The objective of this Output is the design and development of a toolkit for educating secondary education students on circular chemistry. The components of the toolkit are in line with the training program developed in the previous Output (IO2). Moreover, in order to support teachers to implement the toolkit, the project also provides practical guidelines.

The toolkit is composed of:

1) An educational game that allows students to learn about circular chemistry, through an online platform, in a fun and interactive way;

2) BE-LABs - Interactive manuals and interactive diagrams and schemes on ESD principles applied to science;

3) guidelines for day-to-day applications of ESD principles and on how to move towards a more green, sustainable economy;

4) Links to useful resources from the web such as carbon and water footprint calculations or simplified Life Cycle Analysis tools available online (for example: http://www.ccalc.org.uk/). These tools are complemented with examples, practical exercises and a set of guidelines to help students understand the results obtained from the use of such tools;

5) Toolkit guidelines: a manual with a complete set of practical instructions for students and teachers.

The innovative aspect of these components is the provision of a set of supporting materials for both teachers and students contributing to the theoretical lessons. Such materials address, with particular emphasis, many topics highly relevant to circular chemistry ( the cycle of products, the use of waste, optimize energy and resources efficiency, how to be more sustainable, ESD principles applied to science, relevant policies and scientific literacy). The main aim is to propose a parallel and complementary practical approach to the theoretical one.

The main part of the toolkit is consisted of toolkit sets and game set.

The 7 sets of the toolkit are:

  • Chemistry for Sustainability-developed by Sviluppo Chimica and CSCI.
  • Chemistry in Circular Economy-developed by Rudbeckianska school
  • Chemical Recycling developed by CICA
  • Waste Management developed by Eco – Logic and SOU Orde Chopela
  • Solar Energy – developed by Non Formal Learning Club and Kaunas School
  • Innovative teaching methods in Chemistry-developed by every partner association except CICA
  • ESD in Action. Guidelines in day to day application of ESD Principles and moving to a green economy-developed by every partner organization.

The practical approach of this Output is about enabling teachers to conduct more engaging activities encouraging and inspiring students to active participation. The toolkit will be available in the online environment delivered by Intellectual Output 4 in the English language.

The game 7 days until the End of the World" is a student debating game which puts the team of Superheroes against the team of Villains. They play against each other, trying to save or end the world.

The basic premise is that we are running out of time – the Earth is quickly dying and we, The Guardians of the Green Galaxy, are the only ones to help her. But on the other hand, there are also the Villains, who are doing everything to keep the status quo with the hazardous industries, and therefore end the world as we know it.

We had a transnational meeting in A Coruna, Spain on the 12th and 13th of March where all IO 3 was discussed, as well as IO4.

The next activity of the project is the National Workshops on testing the game, activities, interactive articles and presenting the videos. The schedule is the following:

  • Spain – 3rd and 4th May 2023.
  • Italy -11th May 2023
  • Sweden 25th May 2023
  • Lithuania 26th May 2023
  • Macedonia 29th May 2023