Automation Region Research Academy (ARRAY) is an industrial postgraduate school at Mälardalen University (MDU) that since January 2019 host PhD students within strategically important automation related research projects. ARRAY++ is the extension “step 2” of ARRAY, enrolling 4 additional PhD students to its total and current size of 16 PhD students. PhD students in ARRAY and ARRAY++ are supported by ABB AB, Alstom, Alten Sverige AB, Ericsson AB, First Control Systems AB, Kanthal AB, MITC AB, Skanska AB, and Volvo CE.

ARRAY bring together a broad spectrum of industrial players focusing on Automation, including several Swedish engineering companies, related public initiatives such as Automation Region and Robotdalen, the RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, MITC in Eskilstuna and the Engineering research at MDU.

By this, ARRAY provides a solid platform for multi-partner synergy and value creation of substantial benefit for the partners as well as for Sweden.

Expected impact of ARRAY include, in addition to the expertise in strategic areas provided by the doctoral candidates being educated: (i) increased competence and expertise in scientific areas of strategic relevance to the Swedish engineering industry, (ii) the aligning with and strengthening ARRAY in the establishment of Automation as a joint theme of excellence of the entire engineering research at MDH, and (iii) further strengthening of the regional and national eco-system of Automation research, innovation, and development.

In conclusion, ARRAY, and its extension ARRAY++, will be key in the long-term competitiveness of Swedish industry and academia.