VeriDevOps Research Workshop Series

VeriDevOps Research Workshop II

Time: 9:30-13:10 CET Oct.20 2022

Location: Hybrid (online and in Arrasate, Spain)


Starting Time(CET)





On the Security and Privacy in Federated Learning

Abad Gorka



VeriDevOps Technical Introduction

Andrey Sadovykh



NALABS: Detecting Bad Smells in Safety and Security Requirements

Eduard Paul Enoiu

Mälardalen University


Choosing a Test Automation Framework for Programmable Logic Controllers in CODESYS Development Environment

Mikael Salari

Mälardalen University






Early Detection of Network Attacks Using Deep learning

Tanwir Ahmad

Åbo Akademi University


Monitoring of safety and security for industrial systems: application to LPS case study

Wissam Mallouli



 THOE: Vulnerability Scanner

Ángel Longueira-Romero



Wrap up - End of meeting

Andrey Sadovykh

Dragos Truscan

VeriDevOps Consortium

Meet the speakers

Dr. Ángel Longueira-Romero is a researcher at the Industrial Cybersecurity area at IKERLAN, Spain. After graduating in Industrial Electronics and Automation, he obtained his Ph.D. in Cybersecurity at the University of Mondragon, in the Basque Country. His current research interests span many aspects of industrial cybersecurity, including standards such as IEC 62443, vulnerability testing, risk analysis and penetration testing.

Dr. Sadovykh is an innovation consultant and a research project manager in Softeam and an Assistant Professor at Innopolis University. He coordinated SOFTEAM’s research activities of the company covering fields such as model-driven development (MDD) and model-based system engineering (MBSE), Business Process Automation (BPA), Cloud and Big Data in application areas such as eGovernment, eHealth, Space and Agro sectors.

Adj. Prof.Dragos Truscan has obtained his doctoral degree from Åbo Akademi in 2007, with a dissertation titled “Model-Driven Development of Programmable Architectures”. He is currently working as a senior lecturer in Software Engineering at Åbo Akademi University. His research focused on model-based and machine learning based techniques for testing functional and non-functional properties of software intensive systems in industrial settings. Over the years, he participated in several industry-driven national and European level projects.

Dr. Enoiu is a senior lecturer at Mälardalen University in Västerås, Sweden, primarily affiliated with the Software Testing Laboratory and the Formal Modelling and Analysis groups at the Department of Networked and Embedded Systems. His research interests span software engineering and empirical research, especially how to test, maintain, evolve, and assure high-quality software systems.

Mr. Salari is a Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science at Mälardalen University, Sweden, and a member of VeriDevOps EU Project. He is currently working on testing Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programs. He recently published the first paper of his Ph.D. studies at the IEEE ICST 2022 conference regarding the evaluation of available Test Automation Tools of one of the most popular PLC programming IDEs named CODESYS. His interested fields of reasearch are Software Testing, Software Security and Safety, Automated Test Case Generation for ICS programs, Catching Bugs Using Formal Verification, Network Security, Internet of Things (IoT), Software-Defined Networking (SDN).

Dr. Ahmad is a post-Doctoral Researcher at Åbo Akademi University. His research focuses on the exploratory testing of cyber-physical systems. He has proposed different methodologies to efficiently discover faults in systems with multidimensional large input spaces using machine learning and evolutionary algorithms. In his recent work, he utilizes a 1-D convolution neural network for early network attack detection.

Dr.Mallouli is currently the CTO of Montimage company located in Paris, France. His expertise covers continuous risk management and cyberdefense of critical systems and networks including cloud-based systems, IoT, and 4G/5G networks. He is working on several collaborative European research projects and has more than 50 scientific publications in popular conferences and journals.

Abad Gorka is a researcher at IKERLAN and a Ph.D. candidate at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. His research focuses on the security of AI, precisely on backdoor attacks in deep learning and federated learning. Recently, he investigated threats and developed attacks for different deep learning architectures and federated learning setups.