Inclusive and Productive Hybrid Work Meetings

Enhance your meetings through reflection.

Avoid the pitfalls of quick fixes!


In a world that seeks immediate answers, take a moment to explore the many facets of hybrid meetings by reading our reflection guides.


Use the questions for reflection to better gain useful insight by looking back at your own experiences.


Start conversations with your colleagues to collaboratively discover your path to better meetings – use the common thread template or the workshop guides.

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This is the result of the research project InPro-Hym

About the project

InPro-Hym (INclusive and PROductive HYbrid Meetings) has been a 2-years long research project performed in collaboration between Mälardalen University, the University of Gothenburg, Hitachi Energy and the municipality of Västerås. The project has been funded by Vinnova.

The InPro-Hym project focused on hybrid meetings: meetings where some participants are in the same physical room while others participate via digital tools. These meetings have become "the new normal" and they are often a way for an organization to begin the journey towards the new ways of working that digitalization makes possible. Hybrid meetings imply new opportunities for both organizations and employees, but also lead to new challenges.

InPro-Hym therefore aimed to create a research-based support for organizing and conducting hybrid meetings which takes the form of a number of reflection guides. The project was based on a co-producing approach and brought together an interdisciplinary team of researchers and professionals from two organizations in need of more knowledge, Hitachi Energy and the City of Västerås, with experience of hybrid meetings and of developing digital work practices. Representatives of Arbetsförmedligen have also participated to the project and the project has benefitted from the input of a larger reference group.

InPro-Hym has been conducted by providing opportunities for sharing experiences and developing new insight in workshops based on design methods. Some of the methods used are described in the workshop guides that you can find on this website.

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