Datum 2022-04-21
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Continued interest to study at MDU

Application for this autumn’s courses and study programmes closed this week. Interest in studying at Mälardalen University (MDU) remains high. In total, the University received 28 500 applications for this autumn's courses and study programmes, of which 10 700 are first choice applicants. Apart from the exceptional applicants per place during the 2020 and 2021 pandemic years, these are record numbers for the University.

The Nursing programme, Social Work programme and Behavioural Science programme have the greatest number of applicants. The largest increase in the number of first-time applicants compared to last year has been in the Computer Science programme, the International Marketing programme and the Nursing programme in Eskilstuna.
“If we look at the application statistics for our courses and programmes compared to last year, we see a decrease which we expected after the coronavirus pandemic. However, compared to a regular year, the autumn semester 2019 and previous years, the numbers for this year are higher than ever. It is also exciting that there are more applicants for our programmes this year compared to the autumn semester 2020,” says Ammie Westbeck, Head of the Division of Admissions and Degrees at MDU.

In the autumn range of courses and study programmes offered there is a new education, the Supplementary Educational Programme with a specialisation in Teachers in Compulsory School, Grades 4–6. In total, the University has received 138 applications for the 40 study places available on the programme, of which 58 are first place.

When it comes to the application statistics for the University's courses, the most popular courses are those that are conducted remotely: employment law with 1715 applicants, developing organisations and management with 1648 applicants, and marketing – an introduction, with 709 applicants.

The number of applications to higher education institutions and universities throughout the entire country has decreased by approx. 42 000 people.
“The decline in the total applicants per place is believed to be due to the labour market improving again after the pandemic. The fact that we are moving forward compared to a regular year indicates that there is increased interest in MDU in particular. We will continue to offer courses and study programmes that are in demand by students and the labour market,” says Ammie Westbeck.

On 12 July, the first admissions decisions with response requirements will be sent out to everyone who has applied. 22 July is the last day to reply.

Currently, MDU has about 20 000 students. In the University’s range of courses and study programmes offered 52 are first-cycle degree programmes, 27 are second-cycle degree programmes and there about 1 000 courses available.

For more information and search statistics for individual HEIs and courses and study programmes please read:
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