Datum 2022-05-10
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Almost time to do your written exams

The next exam period is 30 May-3 June and re-exam week is 6-10 June.

Remember to register no later than 10 days before the examination session. Don’t forget to deregister if you know that you aren’t going to take the exam.

At the exam period there are a lot of students who register to written exams, but don’t turn up to the exam room when it’s time to do the exam. For MDU to be able to give the best possible service before, during and after each exam period and examination session, it is important to know how many students that are actually going to do their written exam.


Things to remember:

  • Register or deregister no later than 10 days before the examination session.

  • Deregister even if the closing date for registration has passed.

  • Register only at the place where you intend to take your written examination (Västerås, Eskilstuna or Nyköping).

  • The doors to the exam room close 10 minutes before the exam starts. Therefore, please come well in advance.

  • Admission to the exam room takes place from 08.00 to 08.20 for exams that are held in the morning and from 14.00 to 14.20 for exams that are held in the afternoon.

  • If you arrive late you will have to wait until the second entry admission or alternatively wait until the next exam date.

  • You need to bring a valid ID to take an exam.

  • Read more the information on the page Written on-campus examinations at MDU.

  • Please note that the MDU-busses are not in service during the re-exam week 6-10 June.

Thanks for your help!