Datum 2022-03-04
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MDU cuts all contacts with state institutions in Russia and Belarus

On 2 March, the Government appealed to all Swedish higher education institutions to terminate contact and cooperation with state institutions in Russia and Belarus. The Vice-Chancellor Paul Petersson has therefore decided on 3 March that MDU should renounce all educational and research cooperation with state institutions in the two countries.

This decision also means that MDU will not initiate new contacts and cooperation activities with state institutions in Russia and Belarus.

The university is now reviewing wich current cooperation agreements that may be affected by this. An important clarification is that the Government's appeal and the Vice-Chancellor's decision are directed against the states of Russia and Belarus.

“It is not the people from Russia and Belarus that we are withdrawing contact from. We are and will continue to be an inclusive and welcoming higher education institution for everyone, regardless of nationality. In many cooperative agreements there are individual contacts, for example between researchers. Such contacts between research colleagues should not be automatically equated with cooperation with state institutions. We must therefore assess each individual case," says Paul Pettersson, Vice-Chancellor.


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