Datum 2022-04-05
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"A wide variety of career opportunities after graduation"

Mikaela Löjdquist works at Microsoft in security and believes that the education at MDU helped her prepare for a career with many opportunities, where she studied both International Business Management and International Marketing.

Mikaela spent her secondary school years with her family in the Middle East, partly in Oman and partly in Bahrain, with English as her first language at school. This influenced her choice of education.

“Because I lived abroad while growing up, I always had English as a shared first language, and when the time came to apply for an education after finishing school, I wanted an education entirely in English. International Business Management gave me both the opportunity to have all the teaching in English, while it also offered a wide variety of career options after graduation. The fact that Västerås was also geographically close to my family and partner in Stockholm made it an obvious choice .”

What have you been working with since you finished studying?

“I've had a very mixed bag of jobs after graduating, but they have all given me experience that has benefited me in one way or another. Immediately after graduating, I started working at Preem as a Consultant working on documentation management. From there I had the opportunity to work as a Marketing Coordinator with frequent trips to Oslo. Thereafter I applied to Microsoft in early 2019 and started as an Operations Specialist & Coordinator. I always looked for new challenges and, as I am ambitious and do a good job, I have been given the opportunity to grow and advance within the company.”

What do you work with today?

“Since November 2020, I have been working at Microsoft in Sweden as Deputy Security Protection Manager. In brief, this means that I am operationally responsible for the security protection function. It is a challenging job, but at the same time Microsoft is a great employer where I have had the opportunity to grow in the role and as an individual.”

How have you benefited from your studies at MDU?

“Subject-wise, my current job has no direct link to my education. However, the programme taught me how to take in large amounts of information and sift through it, as well as giving me a good administrative mindset to keep track of everything.”

What will you be working with in 5 years’ time?

“That’s a tough question! Hopefully I'll still be at Microsoft as I really enjoy it , but maybe in some new security role with a focus on cyber security. I've just been accepted to a HVE programme (Higher Vocational Education) specialising in cyber security through Företagsuniversitetet that I'll be doing in parallel with my job, so we'll see if it provides any exciting insights.”


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