Datum 2022-04-06
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Excited over Pluggpeppen!

Elin Mellberg studies engineering in production and product design. Last spring, she was one of many students who took part in Pluggpeppen.

What type of work out do you prefer?

My favorite work out depends on what I feel like at that moment. Some weeks it’s yoga and other weeks it’s HIT/interval training. I need to vary my training to keep myself motivated. An ideal week I get a bit of everything, so that I don’t get tired of it!


Why do you work out?

I work out to feel healthy. Already since I was a child, I’ve been active and clearly noticed how my well-being changed when I didn’t prioritise my training. When I work out regularly, I have less back pain, sleep better, and feel more positive and energetic.


Did you try something new?

I enjoy throwing myself into new activities. Daring to try new things have probably never been mor important than in times like these when access to for example sports facilities and gyms is limited.


Your best work out tips!

The best work out is the one that gets done. I listen a lot to what my body needs at the moment and adapt my work out accordingly. Some days I’m full of energy and want to get rid of it by running. Other days, when I’m not as energetic or need to focus on my brain, yoga suits me better. I also think that it’s nice when it’s not too complicated, because when you make it complicated the work out doesn’t get done.