Datum 2022-04-06
Artikeltyp News

Congratulations Robotikingenjörerna!

Robotingenjörerna took home victory in Pluggpeppen 2021 with no less than 16 309 credits! How did the robotic nerds do that? We asked Adrian Fager.

Congratulations to the victory. How does it feel?

We’re not surprised as we’ve really been at it. But of course it feels great. Especially great to beat the team Fysioterapeuterna when it comes to training.


Did you use any particular strategy?

Not really, we just did as much as we could and collected as many minutes and kilometers as possible. Our education is tough and we’re always achieving when necessary. Our motto is to always be either first or last, and now when we couldn’t be last, being first was the only option left.


Did you train more during Pluggpeppen?

Well, I’ve been training quite a lot since January, almost every day. So when Pluggpeppen started I just kept going. I’ve tried to do something every day, run 10k or cycling. We’ve been pushing eachother and competed also within the team. My ambition was to be in top three.


Are you cooling down now?

- Absolutely not. I’ve got some goals to reach this summer. There are a few races, and I’ll also bike through Sweden.