Datum 2021-09-15
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MDH and ABB intensify their cooperation to develop future energy systems in industry

This article was written before our official name change on January 1, 2022 from Mälardalen University (MDH) to Mälardalen University (MDU).

MDH and ABB have enhanced their strategic collaboration efforts during 2021 with the aim of strengthening and developing cooperation in education, research and innovation. Starting in the autumn, ABB and Mälardalen University’s research specialisation Future Energy will begin work on a project where researchers at the University will divide their time between the School and industry in order to strengthen the joint effort even further.

“The aim of the joint effort between ABB and Future Energy is to strengthen the opportunity to identify, develop and implement joint research and development projects in areas related to the energy of the future," says Martin Björnmalm, Digital Lead, Process Industries Division at ABB.

“Our focus will be transparency, control and advanced optimisation of energy systems using digitisation as a facilitator.

Electrification and integration of renewable energy sources

Both the University and ABB believe that digitisation is not optional in any process industry. They clearly agree that the industries need experienced partners who know what practical steps are required to take them there. ABB has already been working to develop the sustainable solutions of the future in electrification, automation and digitalisation and strives to constantly develop.

Fredrik Wallin, Senior Lecturer in Energy Engineering at MDH, is currently acting as an adjunct specialist in this field.
“Together with ABB, I will primarily work with issues related to data management and digital solutions for future energy systems with a focus on electrification and the integration of renewable energy sources.

“An example of this is to optimise and manage the energy supply in mines, but I will also delve into investigating if it is possible to develop solutions for storing energy. At the same time, we will jointly identify new joint research projects and doctoral student projects," says Fredrik Wallin.

Serves as bridge builder between academia and industry

Adjunct specialists act as bridge builders between academia and industry and bring with them additional interfaces, which enhances both capacity and competence. Through the process of adjunction, both academia and industry together build up the joint long-term ability to act and respond to common challenges.

“ABB is an important partner for the Future Energy research environment to explore solutions for future energy systems, provide industrial co-innovation and deliver advanced research on applied solutions for sustainable energy development in society,” says Eva Thorin, Head of Research at Future Energy.

Acts as a model for strategic collaboration efforts

The strategic collaboration agreement between ABB and MDH was first signed in 2013. The way of working established by ABB and MDH has become a model for how academia can collaborate in a structured way with a large global company.

“The relationship with MDH is important for ABB and I am pleased that we have the opportunity to continue to strengthen and develop our joint work efforts in both research and courses and study programmes for working life," says Björn Jonsson, HUB Division Manager Process Industries at ABB.

“Mobility between ABB and MDH, in the form of adjunct specialists and externally employed doctoral students for example, is a central aspect of continuing to find opportunities together that contribute to a more sustainable society with smarter and more resource-efficient solutions," concludes Björn Jonsson.

UN´s global goals for sustainable development

MDH is conducting research in all of the UN’s global goals for sustainable development. The collaboration and the strategic joint research efforts, which currently occurs between ABB and MDH, can be linked to Goal number 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities and Goal number 17, Partnership for the Goals.

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