Datum 2021-10-26
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Would you like to work as a mentor?

Are you structured, responsive and can you communicate easily? Perfect! We’re now looking for more mentors – a chance for you to help others who are studying through a meaningful and instructive extra job.

Being a mentor means that you help other students at the University to structure and plan their studies, and share your knowledge and experience of study technique and motivation. The student you meet could for example need support in sorting and prioritising assignments and examinations. The work isn’t about homework help or being an extra teacher but about planning and ways of thinking. As a mentor you’ll meet the student once a week, for about 1 – 1.5 hours.

You may choose yourself whether you would like to be a mentor for more than one student, but all meetings take place individually. The student you will meet will have themself applied for mentor support and considers that this type of support is relevant and meaningful for him or her.

To give you the best prerequisites for this assignment you will be given a mentor training course and continual support by the University’s Coordinator for Special Educational Support. As a mentor you will get a lot in return. Students who work as mentors often manage their own studies better, it’s instructive, developmental and a merit in their future working life.

If you apply you must be a student at MDH and have come some way in your education. You are structured, responsive and you can communicate easily with others in a clear way. Decisive emphasis is placed on personal suitability.

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