Datum 2021-10-01
Artikeltyp News

The teaching may be shifted to digital with three hours notice

Fyra studenter sitter med bärbara datorer vid ett bord på campus.

If the teacher has cold symptoms, he or she should notify the students in advance about the on-campus teaching shifting to being digital. For teaching in the morning, the teacher should announce the change on the day before.

In the event of the teacher having cold symptoms and can’t be on campus, he or she may either cancel the teaching or shift it to being digital.If the teacher shifts a session to digital teaching the following applies:
  • For teaching between 8 and 11 in the morning the teacher announces the shift at the latest 17.00 the day before.
  • For teaching after 11 in the morning the teacher announces the shift at least 3 hours before the teaching session.
  • If the need to shift occurs after the deadlines mentioned above, the teaching session must be cancelled.

The information can be found in the online schedule and Canvas

If the teacher cancel the teaching or shifts it to being digital, you will get the information through the schedule and the Canvas page.

Please bring your laptop and headset to campus, to be able to participate even if the teaching is shifted to being digital.