Datum 2021-11-25
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A joint effort to help solve societal challenges of the future

This article was written before our official name change on January 1, 2022 from Mälardalen University (MDH) to Mälardalen University (MDU).

Mälardalen University, Eskilstuna Municipality and Västerås City signed an agreement worth SEK 45 million in a joint effort to help solve societal challenges of the future.

Samhällskontraktet is a unique collaboration arena where researchers, the public sector, private sector, civil society and residents meet to try to find solutions to complex issues together. This cooperation has been in place since 2009, which has now been extended by four years and will handle two specific issues in a new format: "How can we improve school results?" and "How do we create near and accessible healthcare of the future?"

“Over the years, hundreds of people have been involved in Samhällskontraktet, through many research and development projects ranging from everything from the preschool of the future to how we can build sustainable cities. It is a shining example of how the various parties in society can work together to find solutions that will provide concrete benefits for residents and we are signing the new agreement with great pleasure,” says Helene Öhrling, City Manager Västerås City.

The new agreement is valid from 2021 to 2025 and entails a commitment of SEK 1.1 million by MDH and a commitment totalling SEK 10 million by Eskilstuna Municipality and Västerås City, every year.

The University has a positive view on the extension of Samhällskontraktet.

“I am pleased that we are extending our cooperation with Eskilstuna Municipality and Västerås City, currently with a more refined focus on improving results in schools and good quality, local health care in order to meet the future needs. Through long-term cooperation between the academic community and our municipalities in the region, we can together shape a more sustainable future,” says Paul Pettersson, Vice-Chancellor at Mälardalen University.

“We are now entering a new contract period where the University and the municipalities are joining forces to create solutions for some of our most prioritised societal challenges. In essence, we must work with these challenges together, across borders and in a completely new and innovative way,” says Emma Mossberg, Process Manager for Samhällskontraktet.


Samhällskontraktet has been in existence since 2009. In addition to MDH, Eskilstuna Municipality and Västerås City, Region Västmanland and Region Sörmland also participated during the years from 2014 to 2021.

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