Datum 2021-05-03
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We are evaluating our research in order to strengthen and develop

This article was written before our official name change on January 1, 2022 from Mälardalen University (MDH) to Mälardalen University (MDU).

An external research evaluation of all research conducted at MDH is currently underway. To assist us in this matter, national and international experts will work in different ways to examine the University's various research domains. The aim of the evaluation is to identify the strengths, develop our various research environments and further raise the quality of our research.

The research evaluation is called "MER21" which stands for “MDH's Evaluation for Improved Research Quality 2021” and all research done at the University is included in the evaluation. At MDH there are six different research domains: Future Energy, Health and Welfare, Embedded Systems, Industrial economics and Management, Innovation and Product Realisation, and Education Sciences and Mathematics. The national and international evaluators are researchers from other university colleges and universities in Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world, who are experts in the research domains.

Cecilia Lindh, Senior Lecturer in Business Administration, is Project Manager for the research evaluation.

- The fact that we are conducting an external research evaluation has many benefits. It allows us to identify what our areas of strength are, develop our different research environments and it helps us set future priorities. We learn to evaluate ourselves and get reports that strengthen our research,” she says.

Different parts to the evaluation

At the end of February, the national and international expert panels were given access to self-evaluations where the University's researchers described the different research environments, and what the various results and goals were. An important part of self-evaluation is the so-called bibliometrics, which means that our researchers calculate how much the whole university has published, the quality of our publications and how many in the research community refer to our work in their publications (citations). During the period 3–7 May, digital conversations and discussions will be conducted between the expert panels and the University's researchers, Deans of Schools and Vice-Chancellors.

Provides valuable perspectives in the efforts to strengthen research

Seven years ago, in 2014, the latest research evaluation (MER14) was carried out. At that time, very valuable input came from the external expert panels from which the University benefited greatly in the work on the current Research and Education Strategy. Consequently, Vice-Chancellor Paul Pettersson decided to carry out a new evaluation in March this year.

- Both the discussions we will have with the expert panels and their final report will provide us with valuable perspectives in our efforts to deepen, develop and further refine our research and education here at MDH. The fact that we are conducting an external research evaluation helps us identify our strengths, gives us a label of quality in our research areas and greater knowledge of our research domains and how we can continue to evaluate them. This is important, not least now that we will become Mälardalen University on 1 January, says Paul Pettersson, Vice-Chancellor of Mälardalen University.

This is how the research evaluation is conducted:

  • Researchers, research assistants and doctoral students have conducted self-evaluations of their The researchers describe the research environment, results and goals that exist in research.
  • An important part of self-evaluation is bibliometrics, which means that we count how many articles, etc. we have published, the quality of our publications and how many people refer to our work in their publications (citations).

  • During February 2021, the expert panels received the researchers' self-evaluations and the bibliometric analyses.

  • In week 18, the expert panels will conduct digital visits, during which several different discussions and dialogues will be held between the expert panels and our researchers.

  • The expert panels will submit their final reports in October 2021.

  • Based on these reports there will be in-depth discussions on future strategies for the future Research and Education Strategy.

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