Datum 2021-05-03
Artikeltyp News

Volvo challenges you in Pluggpeppen

Pluggpeppen gets a boost through this challenge from Volvo: If all programme students collect four million activity credits in total until 17 May, Volvo CE donates 10000 SEK to Stadsmissionen.

Pluggpeppen is a health challenge for all programme students at MDH. Through an app you register activities that are recalculated into credits, and the programme gathering the most credits wins a digital live training with the martial artist and celebrity PT Fannie Redman.

Since the start on 6 April all teams have together collected a bit more than two million activity credits. With two weeks to go of Pluggpeppen, Volvo says that if we can double the credits, they will donate 10000 SEK to Eskilstuna Stadsmission.

The goal is thus 4 000 0000 credits by 17 May, so put on those training clothes and make that last effort! To get more energy and to feel better, of course. But also, to together enable Stadsmissionen to do even more for those badly affected by social isolation during the pandemic.

If you’re already a part of Pluggpeppen – step up! If you’re yet to get started – it’s not too late! All physical activities count, and all credits make a difference. Let’s join forces and reach this goal!


Now it’s more important than ever to do some exercise. That’s why we’re launching Pluggpeppen! A competition where you and your fellow programme friends challenge other programmes at MDH by working out and scoring points on an app. Running, yoga, swimming, weight training or going out with the dog – whatever you do you’ll help your team to climb up the table. And not least: pep, challenge and push each other to manage just a little bit more!

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