Datum 2021-05-06
Artikeltyp News

Sweat a bit extra to enable the City Mission to help more people

We’re sure you heard that Volvo Construction Equipment will donate 10 000 SEK to the City Mission in Eskilstuna if Pluggpeppen collects in total 4 000 000 activity credits by 17 May. What will the City Mission use this money for? We asked Helena Kalaitzis Barrögård, Operations Manager.

– The pandemic affects already exposed groups of people the most. We’re talking about homeless people and people with very low income who are badly affected by illness and unemployment. They might simply run out of money while waiting for the unemployement fund. A clear sign of this is that the number of people in need of grocery bags has doubled during the pandemic. Except for daily food we give financial support and debt counselling. Of course a donation enables us to do more. 10 000 SEK is enough for a grocery bag each to 25 familys with children. Or to hygiene products and hot meals to homeless individuals. A big thank you to Volvo CE and all committed students, says Helena Kalaitzis Barrögård.

One training session for you could thus make a difference for someone badly affected during the pandemic. So pull on those training clothes for one last effort!

Still to get off the sofa? Don’t worry, there’s still time to sign up. And remember – all physical activity counts and all credits make a difference. Let’s go for it!


Now it’s more important than ever to do some exercise. That’s why we’re launching Pluggpeppen! A competition where you and your fellow programme friends challenge other programmes at MDH by working out and scoring points on an app. Running, yoga, swimming, weight training or going out with the dog – whatever you do you’ll help your team to climb up the table. And not least: pep, challenge and push each other to manage just a little bit more!

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