Datum 2021-05-19
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Phew – Pluggpeppen is over!

After six sweaty weeks Pluggpeppen is over. Did you hope for this result? And how does it feel? We asked Anna Ulriksson Biderman at MDH.

– Yes, phew! It was exciting to the last moment, with a thrilling final battle between two teams, Robotikingenjörerna and Fysioterapeuterna. Right now it actually feels a bit empty! We’ve been doing this for six weeks and it’s been fun to follow all the students who shared their activities on social media and pushed each other.

Did you hope for this result?

– In my opinion, yes. That all students can’t participate for one reason or another is understandable, but many still have. The ones who registered have been so committed and many of them express that Pluggpeppen has been that little push to get them to do more everyday exercise, which was exactly what we hoped for. We’re so proud of all students who were active!

Volvo CE challenged the students to collect 4 000 000 credits. They nearly succeeded. Any comments?

– The target was intentionally high, and the students were really close! But like we said throughout the entire competition – all activities count, and all credits make a difference. Volvo CE thinks that the effort made by the students is impressive, and thanks to them being so close to the target, Eskilstuna City Mission will still get the donation and be able to do a lot of good with it. All credit to both the students and Volvo!

Is there a life after Pluggpeppen?

– Haha! Yes – a bit more active one than before, hopefully. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for all the students who have some intense weeks ahead, with exams and other matters related to finishing courses. But after that I think both they and we will go on some well-deserved summer holiday!

And which team won in the end?

– The team Robotikingenjörerna did, after a great final effort the last day. Now the team members get to catch their breaths a bit before cashing in their prize: a tailor-made training session with Fannie Redman – that’s most likely no walk in the park! And when looking at the entire competition we of course think that all students who participated in Pluggpeppen are winners.


Now it’s more important than ever to do some exercise. That’s why we’re launching Pluggpeppen! A competition where you and your fellow programme friends challenge other programmes at MDH by working out and scoring points on an app. Running, yoga, swimming, weight training or going out with the dog – whatever you do you’ll help your team to climb up the table. And not least: pep, challenge and push each other to manage just a little bit more!

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The winner is....

Pluggpeppen is an initiative by MDH to, in a pleasant way, inspire the programme students to be more physically active during the pandemic. The competition has now ended. The winning team is Robotikingenjörerna – and Eskilstuna City Mission gets a donation from Volvo CE.

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Pluggpeppen has ended and the team Robotingenjörerna took home victory with no less than 16 309 credits! How did the robotic nerds do that? We asked Adrian Fager.

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Robotic nerds aim at being first

Right now, the team Robotikingenjörerna are in the lead in Pluggpeppen. What’s the secret behind their success? Did robots hack the system? Hear Emma Jakobsson tell us.

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Kinetic energy each Thursday

How do you create community during the pandemic? Lovisa Lind is the Vice President of Mälardalens Student Sport IF that, in association with Pluggpeppen, has initiated running exercise and walks every Thursday night in Västerås.

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Emil “Heaton” Christensen supports Pluggpeppen

Esports legend Emil "Heaton" Christensen has had a long-time dedication to health and fitness. Now he is involved in Pluggpeppen, a health challenge for programme students at MDH, with the aim of encouraging more movement and a better digital community during remote learning.

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Win a workout with Fannie Redman

Fannie Redman is a professional martial artist and runs a gym in Stockholm where she works as a PT and health coach. As a participant in Pluggpeppen, everyone has the chance with their team to win a free online live training session with training expert.

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Training provides knowledge for life

Focus and discipline are key. To feel good from the training is a bonus. This according to Ahmed Ibrahim, who challenges himself a bit extra in Pluggpeppen.

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Excited over Pluggpeppen!

A lot of students already got off the sofa and joined our activity challenge Pluggpeppen! Elin Mellberg is one of the students who took the opportunity to get some extra energy this spring.

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Pluggpeppen supports MDH students during the pandemic

During the pandemic it is more important than ever to exercise in order to feel well. Based on this MDH launches Pluggpeppen, that in a fun way peps the students to work out more.

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