Datum 2021-05-18
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Opening hours to keep an eye on this summer

During the summer, there will be limited opening hours for the University Library, Student Centre and Student Health Care. The scheduled bus tours between the two campuses will also take a summer break.

University Library

Midsummer’s Eve 25 June and Saturdays and Sundays during the summer: Closed

Opening hours for the other days will be limited and can change from week to week.

University Library opening hours during the summer

Summerloans until 31 August


Student Centre

  • Midsummer’s Eve 25 June: Closed
  • 28 June – 13 August: Closed for telephone calls from 12:00–13:00.
  • 5 July – 6 August: Closed for visiting, but you can contact the Student Centre by telephone and email Mondays–Thursdays from 8:00–16:00 and Fridays from 8:00–15:00. Closed for telephone calls between 12:00–13:00.

Student Centre

Student Health Care

  • Midsummer’s Eve 25 June: Closed
  • 5 July – 13 August: Student Health Care has limited opening hours, but they will respond by email and telephone voice mail as soon as they can. It is possible to book an appointment for a chat during the summer.

Student Health Care

Summer break for the campus bus

The buses between our two campus cities will take a break from 7 June–20 August.

Campus bus