Datum 2021-06-07
Artikeltyp News

Many want to study at Mälardalen University this summer

It is not only in the autumn that there is a great interest in further education. The application figures for MDH’s summer courses show an increase of 4 per cent among those who choose an MDH course as their first choice.  

In total, the University received 1 605 applications for the summer courses, compared with 1 516 for the summer of 2020. The number of first-time applicants to MDH summer courses has also increased, from 1 009 to 1 053, which corresponds to an increase of just over 4 per cent.

– We have one year behind us with a record number of students: as many as 19 900 chose to study a programme or course at MDH in 2020 and I can see that the great interest continues to grow. I am proud to see that more and more people are choosing MDH as their first choice, both for the summer and the autumn semester," says Paul Pettersson, Vice-Chancellor at MDH.

Most of the applicants are for the Cross-Cultural Management course, where 300 students have been admitted for this summer's round.

– The offering is different from year to year, but it's great that we are seeing an increase and that the applicants appreciate our offer," says Ammie Westbeck, Head of the Division of Admissions and Degrees at MDH.

This year's offering also includes the courses Trendspotting in Theory and Practice, Development and Learning for Teachers in Preschool and Compulsory School Years 1- 3), Second Language Acquisition, Introduction to the Theory of Relativity, Sociolinguistic Perspectives on Bilingualism and the new course Animals in Society.

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