Datum 2021-07-25
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Remember to sign up for your re-exam

Between 16 and 21 August, it is time for the re-examination period. Many of you will sit your written examination remotely, but bear in mind that the same rules apply for this examination as if you were to sit it on campus.

Important information ahead of the exam

Read the how-to guide that your teacher will give you. It will state what aids you can use during the exam, such as a pocket calculator, tables, dictionaries or textbooks.

Please deregister yourself if you cannot sit the exam

If you have signed up for an exam that you won’t be able to sit, you must deregister yourself. If possible, you should deregister at least 10 days before the date of the exam.

If you are going to sit your exam on campus

To keep students safe during the pandemic and when sitting your exam on campus, MDH has taken advice from the infection control units in the regions to decide how MDH together with students on campus can minimise the risk of the spread of infection.

This is what you should do to protect yourself and others on campus:

You may also use your own personal protective equipment, such as respiratory equipment. Face-concealing equipment must be removed for identity checks.

MDH has:

  • limited the number of students who sit their exams on campus at the same time to max. 170 students in Eskilstuna and max. 250 students in Västerås as well as placing students in as small a group as possible
  • increased the distance between students in examination halls to around 2 metres between seated people (distance measured from mouth to mouth)
  • conducted risk and consequence analyses in order to be able to implement protective measures that are adapted to each particular module
  • hand sanitisers in every exam hall
  • extended the time for admittance to exam halls to reduce the risk of congestion
  • invigilators who will use a visor or face mask.