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He is one of the world’s most influential researchers

Denna artikel skrevs innan vårt officiella namnbyte den 1 januari 2022 från Mälardalens högskola (MDH) till Mälardalens universitet (MDU).

Every year, the Web of Science Group lists the world's most influential researchers, that is, those researchers who have been cited the most times by other researchers over the past decade. Jinyue Yan, Professor at Mälardalen University, is part of this exclusive group, which includes 0.1 per cent of the world's researchers. He conducts research in future energy and was placed on this list in 2019 also.

Jinyue Yan conducts research on some of society's major challenges for the future, linked to energy supply and sustainability. He is one of the world's highest-ranking researchers in his research domain and is also editor of the prestigious Applied Energy journal. He is a Professor of the Future Energy research specialisation, a specialisation that conducts world-leading research with excellent results and has many international cooperative agreements.

Research linked to major issues of the future

“My research is closely linked to major future issues, ranging from climate change, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere to issues regarding the future of mobility and sustainability. Working with the energy transformation is really interesting and it is an area that has a significant impact on society.”

One research domain that Jinyue Yan is working with is to investigate how to create greater flexibility in the energy system and involve both energy suppliers and end users, to increase flexibility on the energy markets. In brief, the research will help to create an energy system that can manage the more variable renewable energy sources from day to day, meet the growing energy demand and integrate consumers into the energy system.

Dynamic research environment

Jinyue Yan has conducted research at both the Royal Institute of Technology and Luleå Technical University and started as a Professor at Mälardalen University (MDH) in 2005. After splitting his time between the Royal Institute of Technology and MDH, he has since last year been working full-time at MDH.

“The research environment at MDH is very dynamic, which allows for great openness. Much can be gained with what is called research without borders. It creates interesting cooperation, international exchanges and provides a large influx of new ideas and approaches. Now that MDH will become an official University, it will further strengthen the opportunities for international cooperation.”

What is the importance of collaboration between research, industry and the public sector in solving the major issues linked to climate change and change in society?

“One of the reasons why the position at MDH was so interesting was precisely the close cooperation with industry, and that Västerås is really the energy capital of Sweden. The close collaboration gives us the opportunity of testing together with industry whether our research is applicable and works in reality. We don’t just work with theoretical research but try to find solutions to several concrete challenges in the field of energy. This adds a whole new dimension to the cooperation with engineers at leading energy companies, and thereby makes our research better.”

Read more about the listing of influential researchers:https://recognition.webofscience.com/awards/highly-cited/2021/ External link, opens in new window.

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Research to create a more flexible energy system

The transition to an energy system based on predominantly renewable energy requires greater flexibility for integration, to satisfy a growing energy need and the involvement of consumers. Research is currently being conducted on this topic at Mälardalen University and is carried out in collaboration with companies such as Mälarenergi, Northvolt and Amazon Web Services.

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