Datum 2021-12-03
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Boost for Mälardalen University: 20 new postdoc positions for Embedded Systems research specialisation

As a step in the Swedish Government´s boost of research funding to Mälardalen University in 2022, the University strengthens its Embedded Systems research specialisation with up to 20 new postdoctoral appointments. Today, research in Embedded Systems is concentrated on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and autonomous vehicles, which is highly sought-after expertise currently in industry. The research is ranked internationally as among the best in the world.

“We look forward to further strengthening Sweden's competitiveness with our cutting-edge research in Embedded Systems and contributing to the industry's transition towards a more sustainable society," says Damir Isovic, Dean of School at the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDT), which includes the research specialisation Embedded Systems.

New knowledge and new technology are changing industry

Mälardalen University (MDU) conducts research in close collaboration with global and regional companies. Presently, MDH has numerous strategic collaboration projects and collaboration agreements with companies and the public sector such as ABB, Alstrom, Volvo Construction Equipment and Mälarenergi.

“There is a major need for expertise in many parts of Swedish industry. Our cutting-edge expertise in Embedded Systems helps to support the industry's major structural transformation, from a traditional industry to developing world-leading high-tech products based on digitisation and computer engineering,” says Mikael Sjödin, Head of Research for the Embedded Systems research specialisation at MDU and continues:

“We work with Volvo and several other companies, for instance, to develop autonomous machines that will be able to work together with people both in mines and in factories, as part of our research profile DPAC. In order to achieve this, research in artificial intelligence, computer vision, robotics and reliable computer systems is needed.”

The Embedded Systems research specialisation has over the years been successful in attracting external funding and is a driving force in progressing research both nationally as well as internationally.

“With total external funding and increased direct government funding for research, we can further gear up our already leading expertise in Embedded Systems software. This means that we can support Swedish industry in the long term with new technologies and skills enhancement in digitisation and automation,” says Mikael Sjödin.

Two years of fully funded postdoctoral positions

The postdoctoral positions will be fully funded for 2 years and will be connected to the Embedded Systems research specialisation.

Read more about the postdoctoral positions and apply

Read more about the postdoctoral positions at mdu.se/job. Closing date for applications is 9 January 2022.

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