Datum 2021-08-09
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The Future curriculum resources in mathematics will help teachers challenge pupils in the classroom

This article was written before our official name change on January 1, 2022 from Mälardalen University (MDH) to Mälardalen University (MDU).

Mälardalen University (MDH) has for many years conducted research aimed at improving Swedish pupils' knowledge of Mathematics. Since the teacher's role in the classroom is crucial to raising the level of knowledge among pupils, researchers, together with teachers, have designed a test study material, The Future curriculum resources in mathematics. The aim is to understand how study resources can support teachers to take a more active role in the classroom.

“We have over many years designed a test study material to be able to conduct research on how the teacher's active role in the classroom can contribute to enhancing pupils’ Mathematics skills, ” says Andreas Ryve, Professor of Mathematics Didactics at MDH and Head of Research for the project Study Resources for the Future.

Based on research on pupils' learning, classroom teaching and study resources, Study Resources for the Future has been developed and tested together with teachers directly in the teaching environment.

“The purpose of The Future curriculum resources in mathematics is to study how various study resources in Mathematics can help teachers challenge, teach and ask the pupils the right questions. Much of today's study resources in Mathematics are largely designed and used so that the children themselves are able to sit and count in their Maths book, which counteracts the possibilities for children to develop their skills,” says Andreas Ryve.

Developed in collaboration with teachers

The Future curriculum resources in mathematics project is not only Sweden's first research-based test study material, but is also developed by and for teachers, together with researchers.

“It is extremely important that we work together with teachers in the classrooms so that we get study resources that work in practice, not just in theory. Our main focus is on developing and studying materials that serve as a resource for teachers to plan, implement and evaluate Mathematics teaching in the classroom. Therefore, when designing the The Future curriculum resources in mathematics, we have worked closely with teachers who have tested both the design of the lessons and the various tools directly in the classroom, ” says Andreas Ryve.

Many interested in the new way of teaching

Several municipalities in Sweden have now selected to base their Mathematics teaching in compulsory schools on MDH's research on a more teacher-active role in teaching and have used the test materials The Future curriculum resources in mathematics in their teaching in order to be able to evaluate the effects.
“Many people are interested in this new way of teaching in the classroom. The background to this interest is probably that we have been able to see a direct result on the pupils' knowledge, together with the teachers' positive response to the tool,” says Andreas Ryve.

Recently, MDH itself presented a research report that shows that the state skills development initiative Matematiklyftet (Government CPD initiative for Mathematics teachers) has not had a positive impact on pupils' knowledge. Why this is so, says Andreas Ryve, may be due to the lack of study resources that can be used continuously.
“A CPD initiative can be important, but if teachers do not have access to a study resource that they can use on a daily basis, it will be difficult to improve Mathematics teaching and pupils' knowledge, both in the short and long term, ” says Andreas Ryve.

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