Datum 2021-08-18
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Get your parking permit for Autumn 21 / Spring 22

Now it's time to pick up your parking permit for Autumn 21 / Spring 22 at Studenttorget (applies to parking at MDH Västerås)

In order for you to obtain a parking permit, which gives you a reduced fee for the parking spaces at the University of Västerås, you will personally come to Studenttorget and show your ID.

You can pick up your parking permit there from 17 August. The permits for the academic year Autumn 20 / Spring 21 are valid until 12 September. You need a new permit for Autumn 21 / Spring 22 from 13 September (week 37), otherwise you risk being fined from that day.

You place the condition in the car's windscreen with the term marking clearly visible. If you have forgotten the permit, you must pay the normal rate at the parking machine or according to Aimo Park's instructions on the info sign.

Please note that there are different companies for parking and a purchased ticket only applies to the intended parking. This means that a ticket purchased from, for example, Aimo Park, is only valid in Aimo Park's car park.

Take care of the parking permit - it is a document of value!

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