Datum 2021-04-01
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Use a face mask when you can’t keep your distance

The spread of infection of Covid-19 is increasing in both Region Sörmland and Region Västmanland. To reduce the risk of the spread of infection, the recommen­dation from the Infection Control Doctor now is to use a face mask when it is not possible to keep a distance of at least two metres from others. This recommen­dation began to apply from 15 March.

The University’s teaching rooms are adapted so that there is a distance of two metres between people, and all practical modules take place either by distance or by taking protective measures. For other situations it is important that students take personal responsibility, for example in cafeterias, when doing group work, in breaks or similar. Keep your distance, and if this is not possible, use a face mask.

This recommendation also applies to MDH’s buses. The seats are thinned out, but here as well passengers should use a face mask if there are other people within two metres.

Buy a face mask at the Student Centre

It is up to each person individually to procure a face mask. So that everybody can easily obtain a face mask, these can be bought for three kronor each at the Student Centre at both campuses.

Just as before, everyone must stay at home at the least sign of symptoms, be thorough with hand hygiene and keep your distance. For more information and advice, see 1177.se.

Please note that a face mask does not replace the rule of avoiding close contact and keeping your distance.

1177.se External link.

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