Datum 2021-04-06
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Pluggpeppen supports MDH students during the pandemic

During the pandemic it is more important than ever to exercise in order to feel well. Based on this MDH launches Pluggpeppen, that in a fun way peps the students to work out more.

Pluggpeppen is launched on 6 April and is a competition where the students at MDH challenge each other to get off the sofa and instead be more active. The objective is that the students should feel healthier, get more energy and experience more community during the ongoing Corona pandemic.

- The pandemic limits the social life and many people loose the motivation to exercise. We believe that Pluggpeppen could be a way to get that extra push when doing work out, get more energy to study and experience community, even now when we can’t meet in person, says Anna Ulriksson Biderman, Communicator Officer and Project Manager at MDH.

Pluggpeppen is based in research showing that physical activity provides major health advantages, both physical and mental.

- The research shows that exercise, preferrably in daylight and out in nature, improves the creativity and has several positive effects on the health, says Susanna Toivanen, Professor of Sociology at MDH.

To create extra energy around Pluggpeppen MDH has asked the Swedish legend of e-sport Emil ”Heaton” Christensen and the work out profile Fannie Redman.

- In order to be able to achieve your best, whether when studying, in e-sports or in your profession, physical activity is a must. And in these trying times it is extra important for us to pep each other! This is why I’m very proud to be a part of Pluggpeppen. I hope to be able to inspire the students to add some more minutes of physical activity every day. Every type of movement counts. See you in the app! says Emil, who will pep the students during the competition.

The students participating in Pluggpeppen are divided in teams competing against each other. Through an app you record your physical activities, pep your team mates and collect points. All work out is converted into health points, whether you prefer to run, bike, walk or do weight training. The app also takes into account your age, length, weight and gender, making everyone able to collect health points on equal terms.

Your teams’ points and placement can be followed through the app’s Leaderboard as well as on the MDH website. The winning team, announced on 17 May, will be invited to a digital live-work out with Fannie Redman.

But it’s not only the victory team that wins. Everyone taking part in Pluggpeppen does.

- We hope as many as possible accept the challenge and see this as an opportunity to walk strengthened out of the pandemic, both on a mental and physical level, Anna Ulriksson Biderman concludes.

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