Datum 2021-04-21
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Kinetic energy each Thursday

How do you create community during the pandemic? Lovisa Lind is the Vice President of Mälardalens Student Sport IF that, in association with Pluggpeppen, has initiated running exercise and walks every Thursday night in Västerås.

Hello there, who are you?

My name is Lovisa Lind, I’m 25 years old and study behavioural science. In my time off I love to exercise and compete.

Why did you initiate the Thursday trainings?

Meeting other people is really important at the moment, and we try to find corona safe, outdoor activities. We gather by the Rocklunda running path and limit each group to at the most 4 people, for us to be able to keep a distance to each other. One group is running, and another is walking. We’ve been meeting this way for three weeks now and those who tried really appreciated it. We’ll keep on doing this even when Pluggpeppen is over and are currently looking into having more safe activities. Perhaps rounders? If you are curious on our activities and want to sign up for the Thursday trainings, please follow us on Facebook. You don’t have to be a member to tag along!

Why do you choose to exercise?

I believe in having a balance in life, a mix of everything. Jag tror på att ha en balans i livet, en blandning av allt. That way you lead a good life. I play soccer and run, to both get rid of and get new energy.

Did you try something new?

My next challenge is to the Swedish classic, but I haven’t been biking that much previously so now I do spinning twice a week.

Your best training tip!

A key factor is finding your own thing, what you think is fun. That way the training happens. And the days when it’s tough and hard to get started, those are the days when you appreciate training the most.


Now it’s more important than ever to do some exercise. That’s why we’re launching Pluggpeppen! A competition where you and your fellow programme friends challenge other programmes at MDH by working out and scoring points on an app. Running, yoga, swimming, weight training or going out with the dog – whatever you do you’ll help your team to climb up the table. And not least: pep, challenge and push each other to manage just a little bit more!

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