Datum 2020-06-12
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Postponed examinations due to suspected cheating

MDH has indications of preparations being made for organised cheating prior to examination elements within mathematics, planned for this and the next couple of weeks. Due to this the University has decided to postpone all examination elements for affected courses within the mathematics subject.

– It is highly unfortunate that we are forced to postpone examinations with such a short notice, and we are aware of that the decision will affect a lot of students. As a university it is however in our key responsibilities to ensure the rule of law, which is the reason why we are forced to make this decision. MDH also considers the decision necessary from the student’s perspective in order to ensure a high quality in the education, says Malin Gunnarsson, Acting University Director at MDH.

All examinations will be conducted at a later time. At this point the University is working intensively with reviewing the examination forms in order for them to be able to be conducted according to the due process.

The decision will not affect the students’ study pace or possibility to finalise their studies. Affected students have been notified.

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