Datum 2020-01-14
Artikeltyp News

MDH research is intended to prevent occupational accidents at construction sites

This article was written before our official name change on January 1, 2022 from Mälardalen University (MDH) to Mälardalen University (MDU).

According to statistics from the Swedish Work Environment Authority, the construction industry belongs to one of the industries in Sweden that has had the most occupational accidents with a fatal outcome, in recent years. At MDH there is an ongoing research project that, together with NCC Sverige AB and Chalmers University of Technology, investigates how machine learning (ML) can be used to prevent occupational accidents in the construction industry.

– Today, contractors continually collect extensive data about the accidents that have occurred at a construction site. Using ML, they can find the underlying pattern in a data set and have a great potential to predict accidents in an early stage, says Shahina Begum, project leader at MDH.

The purpose of the project “Machine Learning for the prevention of occupational accidents in the construction industry” is to utilize the best ML algorithm and ensure that the collected data can be used to prevent accidents at work in the construction industry.

Improved safety at construction sites

The research project is funded by Vinnova and the aim is to develop NCC’s work with reducing occupational accidents, by using ML. The results of the project will be implemented in safety activities onsite and in the company.

– By using ML, construction companies can discover parts of the work that can lead to occupational accidents and then implement measures to improve safety at construction sites. By extension, it can result in decreased occupational accidents, increased production and increased value for the customer, says Christian Koch, project leader at Chalmers University of Technology.