Datum 2020-08-12
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How education will be conducted during autumn

The government has announced an ease in the requirement for distance education at the Swedish universities. MDH is now planning for the education being conducted as blended learning during the autumn, i.e. partly on-campus and partly digitally from a remote location.

The Vice-Chancellor has made a decision regarding how we will conduct the teaching during this autumn, following the government’s decision to ease the directive on distance education. This while we still keep the recommendations about having less people in the premises and avoid gatherings.

– The government’s announcement enables us to gradually return to, in an adapted form, conducting teaching and examination on campus, which is very positive. At the same time we are expected to consider the authorities’ directions on reducing the spread of infection, says Paul Pettersson.

The announcement to ease the directive on distance education does not mean that the University can fully return to on-campus education. The requirement for having less people in the premises implies that i.e. a room normally meant for 40 people will only be able to be used for at the most 20 people in order for the University to be able to follow the directives from the Public Health Agency. Big lecture halls such as Omega with a normal capacity of 270 people, will furthermore only be able to take in 50 people at a time for the University to abide by the directive not to gather more than 50 people in one facility.

– I am aware of that it will take a lot of efforts and hard work by many staff members, but I’m convinced that we will make it if we help each other and work together. I feel proud of the students’ and staff members’ perspective that we will cope with the situation in the best way possible, says Paul Pettersson.

Prioritised areas on campus

The University has made a list of prioritised groups and elements when planning on-campus education. (This however doesn’t mean a guarantee that we will be able to solve this for all of them):

  • Initial courses and some activities associated with the introduction for students in first cycle programmes in their first and second semester
  • Examinations (that aren’t possible to conduct on distance without loss in quality)
  • Practical elements

Distance or on-campus courses?

Exactly what courses and course elements that will be conducted on campus or on distance is yet to be determined. Currently MDH is working to create the best preconditions for students and staff to be able to operate as good as possible.

As a student you can keep yourself updated on information for your course through Canvas or the schedule.

Autumn opening hours.

During the autumn semester campus will be accessible for students with a university card, during the university’s opening hours. The public will at least initially not have access to the premises.

Housing during the autumn

MDH is currently not able to say whether the teaching will be conducted on campus or digitally from a remote location. If you wish to increase your chances of getting an accommodation we recommend you to register at one or both or our collaboration partners.

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