Datum 2019-07-19
Artikeltyp News

NASA recruits from MDH

This article was written before our official name change on January 1, 2022 from Mälardalen University (MDH) to Mälardalen University (MDU).

After seven years at MDH, it is time for Irfan Sljivo, Doctor in Computer Science and Engineering, to continue his research in the field of safety-critical systems, but on another continent. During this summer he will start working at NASA’s Ames research center in Silicon Valley, California, USA.

– I am very excited, because if you work with safety-critical systems and want to be exposed to the most complexed and advanced research in this field – NASA is the place to be, says Irfan Sljivo.

During his time at MDH, Irfan Sljivo has researched the field of safety-critical systems, that is computer systems which can cause harm to human life or major damage to their environment if they do not work properly. These systems are found in vehicles, aircraft and spacecraft. At NASA, Irfan Sljivo, will be involved in several projects in this research field.

– I will mainly work with safety-critical autonomous systems in aircraft and spacecraft. The research group I belong to is working on developing tools and techniques that can effectively assure that the system is safe enough to be used in products that are launched on the market, says Irfan Sljivo.

He looks forward to being involved throughout the whole way, from the development of tools and techniques to their application in the development of new products.

– As a researcher within academia, you develop tools and techniques that others may implement when developing a product. But now, I will also be involved in the implementation and see the final product, says Irfan Sljivo.


The time at MDH – important

The first time Irfan Sljivo came to MDH was in connection with his master's degree in software engineering and artificial intelligence (AI), which he studied at the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia. During his master's degree he studied a semester at MDH and after graduating he returned to MDH as a doctoral student but changed focus area to safety-critical systems.

– I started as a PhD student in the SYNOPSIS project at MDH in 2012. It was one of MDH's first major project in the field of safety within embedded systems. Basically, all the knowledge I have gained about safety in embedded systems, I have learned at MDH and through the SYNOPSIS project. So, my time at MDH has been crucial for reaching the job at NASA, says Irfan Sljivo.

Although he is ready for NASA, MDH will always be special to him. And there is one thing he will miss.

– The people. Everyone helps each other, and it creates a fantastic community, says Irfan Sljivo.