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State of Electrification 2023

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Date: 6 December 2023
Time: 08:30-09:30
Place: Webinar, link will be sent out upon registration

The electrification of society drives massive developments in several business areas, how can you and your company take advantage of it?

Welcome to participate in our Business Intelligence Webinar on December 6 at 08:30-09:30 to gain valuable insights and actionable advice from this unique analysis of the global electrification value-chain, presented by Electrification Hub in collaboration with Business Sweden.

Some of the trends as of Q4 2023 we will cover are:

  • The world economy is slowing down and is forecasted to reach its low point during 2024, when will we see a recovery?
  • What is the outlook for raw materials markets and industrial metals, and what is happening on prices?
  • What battery chemistries are growing and how does it impact OEMs, suppliers and others in the value chain?
  • European battery capacity is picking up pace, will it keep up with growing demand from EV adoption?
  • Will charging infrastructure follow expectations, and whatis happening on the policy side?

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