Panel session for DISTRHEAT


DISTRHEAT participated in the recent International Conference of Applied Energy (ICAE2021).

Prof. Mirko Morini and Prof. Erik Dahlquist presented our findings in the panel session "Smart District Heating Networks". Mirko and Erik discussed the recent advances and future perspectives of district heating networks integrated into the smart energy systems of the future. Many thanks to the rest members of the panel: Prof. Peter Lund (Aalto University), Prof. Natasa Nord (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Stefan Wennerström (Eskilstuna Energi och Miljö, and Anna Nilsson (Swedish Environmental Research Institute).

On the use of artificial intelligence for smarter district heating networks – Introduction to Panel discussion Powerpoint, 944.2 kB.

Optimal management of smart district heating networks Pdf, 1.9 MB.