Change learning chemistry by circular chemistry 

Change learning chemistry by circular chemistry

19/08/2022 by SOU Orde Chopela

SOU "Orde Chopela” is a secondary vocational school in Prilep, the Republic of North Macedonia. The school “Orde Chopela” has five vocations: chemical-technological, personal services, agricultural-veterinarian, health and social services, civil engineering and surveying.

The school generates a positive working environment, ensuring positive communication, mutual trust, respect, cooperation and understanding of individual needs. The following positive attitudes bring to internal motivation, initiatives, innovation, creativity and vision.

The mission of SOU "Orde Chopela” is to encourage intellectual, emotional and creative potential of the students and their maximum engagement in acquiring quality, temporary and applicable knowledge through contemporary scientific and technological methods and techniques. 

The school cares about the protection of the environment, which makes it recognizable in the local environment. Through several projects involving students and teacher mentors with the financial support of the Fund for Innovation and Sustainable Development and UNICEF, innovative solutions for dealing with climate change and rational use of water resources. 

Using the contents and activities of the CIRCLE-LAB project for students is a benefit towards building individuals' awareness of the need for a circular economy as a mechanism for dealing with the environmental problems we face. As the only school from the Republic of North Macedonia involved in this project, we will be pioneers in learning about circular chemistry and promote the results of this project 

Together with the non-profit organization Eco-Logic we created a training curriculum about MANAGING WASTE AS A RESOURCE designed for secondary school teachers, aimed at consolidating teaching professions from Initial Teacher Education. An educational video for sharing good practices as one of the results of IU2 is under preparation. 

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