The experience of participating the European seminar

31-10-2022 by Rudbeckianska school

Since the start of the project two years ago, all exchanges have been taken place online. Now it was time for all participants in the Circle labs project to be gathered in Kaunas, Lithuania.

We have two days of intensive activities. On October 4th, The meeting began with the beautiful singing performed by students from the Kaunas Dainavos school. After that, all project lead made a brief presentation about the state of the project. The hoster of this event, the teachers from Kaunas Dainavos school, gave us a tour of the attractive campus.
As a teacher, it's always interesting to visit different schools and join the classes to watch students' work. There are always similarities and differences between schools in different countries that are fun to get to know.
In the afternoon, a forward-looking workshop was held where all consortium members and participants, in groups, had the opportunity to discuss with teachers and students from Lithuania. There are so many good ideas from the Lithuanian students, which will be a good input for the last part of the project.
In the evening we had the pleasure of getting a nice guided tour of "downtown" Kaunas. The evening ended at a nice restaurant where we could continue our conversations and eat typical Lithuanian food in pleasant ways. Day two was devoted to summarizing all the workshops, gathering up all the good ideas and planning for the last part of the project.

The meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania was very fruitful. There was plenty of time to plan the next step within the project. We are looking forward to the opportunity to meet again within the project. This felt like a start to the final phase and if there is one thing that the corona period has taught us is that it is so infinitely valuable to meet "in real life" than just on the computer. Now we look forward to a fruitful final year in the project and that we get to meeting again. Thanks a lot to our Lithuanian hosters!