Future undergraduate students joined Mälardalen University Sustainability Day

26-01-2023 by MDU

Mälardalen University arranged two cross-disciplinary and cross-academic days, where activism, the arts and academia meet on the theme of sustainable development. Circlelab project, as a part of this sustainability day, presented the project results and invited the secondary school students from Rudbeckianska school to pilot the IO3 game. 

The Sustainability Days aimed to inspire the student, teacher or member of society to develop the curiosity, critical thinking and creativity necessary to navigate that complexity and be an actor in a sustainable transition.  

The basic idea behind this game (IO3) adopts the comics' idea and needs the different roles in the game. The outline of the story is we are running out of time –the Earth is quickly dying, and we, the guardians of the green galaxy, are the only ones to help her. Meanwhile, the villains are doing everything to keep the status quo with the hazardous industries to end the world. 

This game was designed as a debate/argument game to be played offline, for example, in the classroom. The project team provided a plain presentation of the learning material. Students were divided into two groups by acting on the role from the chosen card. The superheroes had the argue/debate with facts to save the world. The villain debated with the superheroes why they chose not to change hazardous production with the facts that won’t end the world. 

More than 30 students participated in this game and there were hot debates among students regarding environmental protection, future energy, and fuel consumption. The Chemistry teacher said it was a unique experience for the students to come to visit the university and get to participate in the EU Erasmus+projects.