MDU contributes to building the online learning environment for CIRCLE LAB -the inspiring way of learning sustainability on MOOC

21/02/2022 by MDU

MDU is the youngest and largest university in Sweden which has close collaboration with the private and public sectors to contribute to the sustainable development of the Swedish economy and society. One of the committed continuing educations from MDU are providing high-quality courses on the largest online community MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) to a wide range of learners.

The project of CIRLE LAB is European Erasmus+ KA201 aims to develop a training program and educational tools for secondary school teachers with a focus on sustainable chemistry in the topic of the circular economy. The online learning environment is expected to finish in August 2023.

The construction of the online learning environment of intellectual output 4 will be carried out by the technical experts from Embedded System which is the prominent disciplinary domain in Europe and the world.

The intellectual output 4 will start from April 2022 and run through the project to August 2023. This output aims to create an online learning environment to leverage the outcomes of previous outputs.

This intellectual output comprises two main parts. The first part is the online course for teachers from intellectual output 2 (IO2) will be presented as in MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) to enable its transferability and further exploitation to a great number of users. The second part is the Programmed Toolkit which comprises the Toolkit and related guidelines developed in intellectual output 3 (IO3), displaying and promoting the CIRCLE-LAB training programme. The Programmed ToolKit will be uploaded on the relevant platforms to reflect the project’s findings that stem from IO1, IO2, and IO3. Additional valuable resources will be included in the learning environment to demonstrate the achievements and efforts from other outputs.

The Secondary school teachers (5 teachers/ Country) will be invited to validate the course remotely. The validation phase will be critical to the finalization of the online environment. With this innovative approach, ultimately, this project will allow teachers to have access to the Open Education Resource MOOC to understand chemistry related to the circular economy. The ToolKit can also be used to develop specific skills through a comprehensive approach in this area. Overall, this online platform is a reference point for finding other related resources supporting Exploitation and sustainability in chemistry education.