CSCI, creating competitive opportunities to change the world through chemistry

CSCI is one of the two Italian partners involved in CIRCLE LAB, an Innovative learning approach for circular chemistry in secondary education.

In CIRCLE LAB, we find a novel, practical and new learning attitude to chemistry and Agenda 2030 environmental goals. CSCI is committed to developing, through an adequate quality policy, a series of good practices capable of satisfying clients and, at the same time, to train employees and workers, as well as students and adults for enforcing their soft as well as hard skills.

CSCI - Consorzio Scuola Comunità Impresa is a Vocational Agency established in 1999 to encourage contacts and ongoing relationships between schools, Public Administration and the business. Its Consortium members are composed of universities, high schools, companies, municipalities, associations, foundations and private training institutions.

The project aims to support professional and educational development at the European level, introducing a different look at circular economy/green chemistry in secondary education and thus focusing on the development of teacher training courses and educational tools around the theme of chemistry - especially sustainable chemistry – and Circular Economy using the European approach of lifelong learning, through the application of practical and different tools.

CIRCLE LAB wants to become a point of reference in the development of skills for circular and green chemistry and to achieve maximum adherence and participation from individuals and organizations involved in the network of each partner. The aim is to offer services and support to learning activities on circular economy/green chemistry, starting from interviews with key stakeholders in sustainable chemistry education, online focus groups, virtual visits to laboratories, for arriving to offer training materials: videos, educational games and interactive manuals.

All this introduces the knowledge of the chemical context, putting at the service of the project (and of those who use it) the experience of those who work every day in the field of circular chemistry.

CIRCLE LAB is a fundamental and educational tool because it brings to the attention of students’ practical issues such as waste transformed into raw material, as well as the experience of how indispensable the concept of "reuse" and "energy conservation" is in the perspective of reducing emissions: all based on valuable direct experiences made by Experts from the chemical industry.