ARRAY Summit


Yesterday the ARRAY Summit was held in the Steam Hotel in Västerås

Each PhD students had the opportunity to present their research during a technical session, offering a glimpse into the diverse array of studies taking place within the school.

In addition to individual research presentations, representatives from other PhD schools like IndTech and Reliant shared insights into their programs. This exchange not only broadened horizons but also created a sense of unity among the various academic institutions, reinforcing the collaborative spirit that is essential for the advancement of knowledge.

Another of the highlights of the meeting was the presentation of upcoming doctoral defenses of Björn Lender and Victor Azamfirei.

Beyond the formal agenda, the meeting provided a rare and valuable opportunity for members of the school to connect on a personal level. Conversations flowed effortlessly, with researchers exchanging insights, experiences, and even anecdotes that transcended the boundaries of their specific fields.