Shaik Salman

Shaik Salman holds a master’s degree in Embedded Systems from Dortmund University of Applied Sciences. He has been working at ABB Robotics since 2013 with expertise in software development for real-time systems. His areas of expertise include real-time system design and edge computing architectures.

About Shaik's thesis

Real-time systems, such as industrial robots and autonomous navigation vehicles, integrate a wide range of algorithms to achieve their functional behaviour. Some of these algorithms are designed to execute sequentially to realise their functionality, while others can be executed in parallel on multiple machines. The computational demand of many of these algorithms during runtime can vary implicitly, for example, due to changes in input, or explicitly adjusted by varying the frequency of the computations. The focus of the thesis is on deploying such dynamic real-time workloads on multi-core platforms with an emphasis on developing and evaluating scheduling policies to meet performance and efficiency requirements.