Mahdi Momeni Kelageri

I have a strong background with hands-on and professional experiences in Electronics Systems Design and Embedded Systems as well as Automation and Robotics. I received my B.Sc degree from Iran and pursued my career both in academia as well as industry in different countries including South Korea, France, Germany, Italy, Finland, and Sweden. In 2019, I joined Mälardalen University to continue my PhD studies.

About Mahdi's thesis

During my PhDPh.D. thesis, I am working on a project which aims to fabricate reinforcement bars used in concrete structures fully automatically using a gantry-robot system. To bring such an idea to life, several challenges have to be addressed. An important challenge is that the rebar cages are often one-of-a-kind and designed uniquely to carry a special load. As a matter of fact, the robot's path to place every rebar in its final position is unique.

Another important challenge is that the rebars can not be installed following any arbitrary sequences. The number of potential sequences for a cage with N rebars is N! Many of these sequences can not yield a fully fabricated cage. Therefore, a valid sequence (installation order) should be determined. This order is also unique for each and every rebar cage.

All in all, an automation system to handle such a task should be flexible.