Carlo Vitucci

Carlo Vitucci has an MSc in Telecom Engineering from the University of Rome (Italy). In 1996, he joined Ericsson R&D in Rome as an embedded firmware designer, working with real-time operating systems and middleware architectures. In 2008, he joined Quixant, a gaming company, as a specialist embedded software designer. Since 2014 he is working in Ericsson, Stockholm, as a Senior Embedded Software architect. His research interests span across next-generation networks and fault-management systems.

About Carlo's thesis

Our research hypothesizes that fault management plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing the quality of services. The holistic goal of our thesis is that Fault Management is not just a system function capable of supervising the state of the infrastructure but a discipline that must have a central role in the entire development of hardware and software design. It impacts the hardware components selection, supervision on the field, production test, and verification and repair process of the objects returned to the repair centers. It is a multi-technologies and multi-layer fault recovering and predictive maintenance approach.